Celebrity Cherubs is a registered charity-aid organization that focuses on Event Management & Co-ordination, Public Relations, Marketing & sourcing of sponsorship for the purpose of charity fundraising & awareness.

The essence of this business is based on gathering local & international celebrities or significant members of society to unite in an effort to create awareness & raise funds, draw attention to & encourage maximum exposure of the various charities & organizations’ corporate social responsibility & the phenomenal work they do.

The Celebrity Cherubs initiative creates a platform for celebrities to give back to the community and raise awareness with their status & large-market appeal, whilst simultaneously providing an avenue for companies to fulfil their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes.

We are excited to announce our Annual Charity Events for 2015:

  • 5th Annual Gala Dinner
    • End of MARCH 2015
    • Exposure Benefits of R950 000 - R1million
  • 2nd Annual Mother’s Day Garden Party
    • Sun, 10th MAY 2015
    • Exposure benefits of between R180 000 - R1, 8 million
  • Mandela Day Initiative
    • Month of JULY 2015
    • Exposure Benefits ranging between R180 000 - R600 000

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